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Semper Fly Rods is conducting market research from avid fly fishers for an upcoming product launch.  The information collected during this survey will be used to make decisions related to specific products to release to the market. Personal information is not required to complete this survey, however if provide will not be shared, sold or utilized in anyway other than for the purpose of this market research. We thank your for taking the time to complete the survey.

Fly Fishing Survey

Number of Years Fly Fishing *
please tell us how many years you have been fly fishing
Species You Fish For Mostly *
please tell us what fish you target most often (check more than one if applicable)
Where Do You Normally Fish? *
check all that apply
tell us how many sticks you have in your quiver, we will not share with your significant other!
list all current brands you own
list all current brands you own
What Weight Rods Do You Own? *
check all that apply (I will not list all the switch/spey weights, so if this is your thing, give me some time and I will rock your world)
Brand Selection *
Brand Selection
when it comes to brand selection
brands that have been around a long time are usually the best
higher price means better quality
I stay with the same brand all the time
I will try new brands
reputation is most important
I support Veteran Owned Businesses
Selecting a Rod *
Selecting a Rod
when it comes to selecting a rod
color is most important
quality is most important
material of construction is most important
brand is most important
warranty is most important
action is most important
I use what my friends use
Optional Information
The following information is OPTIONAL. You DO NOT need to complete this information to submit the form. IF you complete this information we WILL NOT share this information, sell it, or SPAM the hell out of you. We MAY ask you for input on our products and solicit feedback from you on various design concepts. We may end up naming a rod after never know!
use this area to tell us a little more about you and your passion for fly fishing