Custom Rod Building......From $200

Depending on on the blank selected and options chosen, our custom hand tied rods begin at $200.  We guarantee all of our work for LIFE! We will repair or replace any issue you have with our products or services.

Rod Repair........FRom $25

Beginning at $25 we offer rod repair using the finest materials and adhesives to get you on the water ASAP!



Rod Restoration.........FRom $50

Rod restorations begin at $50 and include our top quality materials and adhesives. Price is subject to change depending on the amount of restoration required.

Marine Corps Principles and Traits......INCLUDED!

We take our work very seriously and we put a little Esprit De Corps into every rod we build, restore, or repair. 



Fish Stories and Tall Tails......FREE!

There is nothing we love more than shooting the breeze about fishing. Call, Text, Email, and we will jaw jack you till you are so motivated you'll want to hit your favorite river, creek, or lake.