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This is my Fly Rod, there are many like it, but this one is MINE!
— Semper Fly Rods - Always on the Fly

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about us


Our Mission:


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Semper Fly Rods is a USMC veteran-owned custom rod builder out of Canal Winchester, Ohio specializing in Fly Rods.  Each and every one of our custom rods is built to our client’s unique specifications, utilizing the highest quality components and adhesives.

Our Semper Fly Rods branded rods are assembled in the USA and crafted using the highest quality components, adhesives and epoxies to ensure your rod will last for generations.  Our rod blank is manufactured from a proprietary blend of three different carbon fibers utilizing NANOALLOY technology, this one of a kind fly rod delivers feel and performance without sacrificing accuracy or distance. Built to be PracticalTactical, and Perform, all Semper Fly Rods are backed by their Lifer Program.


 10% of the purchase price from Rod Sales are dedicated to the Semper Fi Fund to provide immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post-9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and their families.

Semper Fi Fund



Our Services


Rod Building

The Corps of our business is custom fly rod building.  Our blank of choice comes from the Temple Fork Outfitter series of fly rod blanks, though we can and will tie any blank you select or send us.  Although most of our blanks are modern graphite rods, we can also build you a bamboo or a fiberglass rod for that retro feel on the water. If you do not see a blank listed, simply contact us and we will get you exactly what you are looking for.

Rod Repair

Need a tip replaced? Is your stripper guide coming unglued for hauling monster small-mouth? Grip slam wore out from years of use? Let us take care of that for you.  We can replace or repair anything on your rod to get you back on the water!



Rod Restoration

Similar to repair we can restore your rod to add new wraps, clean up or replace old grips, chipped guides, etc.  Simply contact us, send us a photo and we can get you a quick quote on getting that stick all spruced up for the next season.


Semper Fly is the real deal! Nothing but quality craftsmenship, and outstanding customer service




Custom Rod Building......From $250

Depending on on the blank selected and options chosen, our custom hand tied rods begin at $250.  We guarantee all of our work for LIFE! We will repair or replace any issue you have with our products or services.

Rod Repair........FRom $25

Beginning at $25 we offer rod repair using the finest materials and adhesives to get you on the water ASAP!



Rod Restoration.........FRom $50

Rod restorations begin at $50 and include our top quality materials and adhesives. Price is subject to change depending on the amount of restoration required.

Marine Corps Principles and Traits......INCLUDED!

We take our work very seriously and we put a little Esprit De Corps into every rod we build, restore, or repair. 



Fish Stories and Tall Tails......FREE!

There is nothing we love more than shooting the breeze about fishing. Call, Text, Email, and we will jaw jack you till you are so motivated you'll want to hit your favorite river, creek, or lake.



Our Custom Rods

Here is a small sample of some of our recent builds.

Put together your own custom rod!!

Temple Fork Outfitters Custom Fly Rod 1
Temple Fork Outfitters Custom Fly Rod 3
Temple Fork Outfitters Custom Fly Rod 4
Custom Fly Rod-3-2.jpg
Custom Fly Rod-4-2.jpg
Custom Fly Rod-1-2.jpg
Sage X Custom Fly Rod 3
Sage x Custom Fly Rod 5
 Light Rod Restoration

Light Rod Restoration

Temple Fork Outfitters Custom Fly Rod 2
custom fly rod
Sage X Custom Fly Rod 2
Sage X Custom Fly Rod 4
TFO Custom Fly Rod 2
TFO Custom Fly Rod 5
TFO Custom Fly Rod 1
Custom built Fly Rod
Sage X Custom Fly Rod 3
Custom fly rod 199
custom fly rod 200
Sage X Custom Fly Rod 6
TFO Custom Fly Rod 3
TFO Custom Fly Rod 4
TFO Custom Fly Rod 6
Semper Fly Rods-6731.jpg




Have questions? Want to learn more about us? Want to tell us your fishing story or send us photos of your fish? Complete the intel below and we will throw our go-fasters on and get back to you without the hurry up and wait.